This Wristband Will Tell You Which Chemicals You're Exposed To Every Day

We live in a pretty toxic world. How toxic? This new wearable will let you know—and you probably won't like the results.

We tend to blame bad genes for breast cancer and Alzheimer's, but few diseases are purely genetic. The "exposome"—all the things we're exposed to throughout our lives—often plays a bigger role than DNA. That includes the obvious, like diet and exercise, but also factors that are harder to track, like the chemicals that surround us.

A new wearable called MyExposome is designed to reveal which chemicals are actually part of your everyday life. Strap on the wristband for a week, and it absorbs chemicals—from pesticides to flame retardants—along with you. At the end of the week, you mail it back to a lab to learn about the invisible part of your world.