Our team has a greater than 15-year-history with advanced passive sampling technology


Marc I. Epstein
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Marc is our Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. While at MyExposome, Mr. Epstein led the formation of the company, developed the initial businesses strategies and led an initiative to get some seed funding from an SBIR initiative (awarded 1Q2016), follow on funding from an SBIR Phase 2, and is currently developing our data analytic and reporting software. Mr. Epstein is an expert in company creation, business development, software engineering, data mining, analysis of data, and enterprise database architecture. He is the holder of data, network, and software patents (Patent #’s 8095624, 7356734, 6892221, 6795835). Prior to joining MyExposome, Inc., Mr. Epstein co-Founded Data Mining International: A successful data mining software company selling technology to the federal government. Mr. Epstein was a serial Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur helping raise over $180 million in venture funding, acting as Chief Technology Officer of a public software company, and General Manager of a division of Novell (a Utah-based software company). Mr. Epstein is originally from AT&T Bell Laboratories and the Unix Systems Laboratory in New Jersey.

Kevin A. Hobbie
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Kevin is a co-founder of MyExposome, Inc. and continues to provide technical, marketing, and strategic advice to the firm.  Mr. Hobbie has over ten years of experience in analytical chemistry, passive sampling technology, and has managed operations in an analytical laboratory operation with over 20 staff and students. He obtained a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology at Oregon State University in 2015 and has extensive training in conducting longitudinal human health studies and statistical methodology. Mr. Hobbie’s experience with implementing laboratory data systems, managing a laboratory quality assurance program plan, and maintaining IRB compliance with regards to data privacy for human subjects is a valuable asset to the company. Mr. Hobbie has authored and co-authored six peer reviewed publications.

Steven G. O’Connell
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Steven is our Senior Scientist and one of the inventors of the core wristband/testing technology. While at MyExposome, Inc., Dr. O’Connell has aided in the early stages of the enterprise, including intellectual property procurement with provisional patent (14/597,817) filing in January, 2015. Steven was Principal Investigator on a successful SBIR Phase 1 and is currently PI on the follow-on SBIR Phase 2.  He obtained his Ph.D. in 2014, after completing multiple investigations with passive sampling technologies including silicone strips in aqueous deployments, polyethylene samplers, and silicone wristbands. Dr. O'Connell has authored and co-authored 11 peer reviewed publications.


Kim A. Anderson
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 Dr. Kim Anderson is a professor at Oregon State University in the Department of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology. Dr. Anderson received her PhD in Chemistry from Washington State University in 1989. One prong of her research efforts are to optimize, develop and validate passive sampling devices for individual users/customers including companion animals and livestock, and to further illustrate and compare the novel passive samplers with conventional measures in real-world epidemiological studies. She develops robust bio-analytical tools, methods, and approaches to generate desirable objective data concerning chemical exposures of many contaminants including unmonitored contaminants. She is an expert in the field of toxicology and chemistry and holds numerous US patents and one European patent. (06/851,643, 60/793,909, 60/711,826, 09/210,358, #6,324,531, 99309933.2-2201). She has over 60 peer reviewed publications related to the technology being used by MyExposome.