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Kickstarter: Make the invisible, visible! Personal Environmental Monitor!

Today MyExposome announced the launch of their Kickstarter project to let individuals monitor their chemical exposure by simply wearing a silicone wristband. MyExposome has designed a new patent-pending technology, originally developed at Oregon State University, which answers critical questions about the chemicals in an individual’s environment.  MyExposome KickStarter will provide light-weight non-intrusive wristbands that track individual exposure to chemicals in your daily life.   

The monitors are surprisingly simple: silicone wristbands, such as the ones worn in support of various causes, are specially prepared to act as a sponge to absorb hundreds of different chemicals in our environment—the air, water, and even personal care products. The Kickstarter team will then uses multi-million dollar state-of–the-art technology to analyze each wristband to determine exposure to over 1400 chemicals.

 “We realized that if we could harness the power of social media to connect with people who really wanted to know what chemicals they were exposed to we could get a big enough group of individuals together to make it economically viable to do all these tests,” says Marc Epstein, CEO, MyExposome. “Right now the scientific community is using this technology to monitor chemical exposure in segmented groups. We wanted to bring this cutting edge technology to the individual—to make the invisible visible. We hope that this Kickstarter campaign will help people have the information needed to take charge of their own environment.”